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Or, sign up for our HyperAccelerator, Angel Accelerator, or Corporate Innovation HyperAccelerator programs. These programs take place over the course of a week or a full day respectively and dive deeper into all of these topics and more!!

Guest Classes

Whenever possible, we invite partner organizations to give classes on the topics that they find meaningful. Often these classes are offered free to members as a big thank-you for being a part of Rockies Venture Club!

Patents Strategies for Early Stage Investments

IP Protection is a necessity for early-stage entrepreneurs who are often cash-strapped but also need to protect their Intellectual Property (IP) to show to investors. This class will introduce you to the basic principles of patent law and walk you through the process of obtaining a patent”


Learn about the current and coming regulations as well as what funding portals have done adequate to the Jobs Act crowdfunding revolution.

Creative Teambuilding Solutions

How to avoid the top 10 fatal mistakes startups make while hiring.

Hire amazing team members without breaking the bank, wasting your time, or stopping progress.

Learn skills the pros know – write a killer job description to land the candidate of your dreams. Plus, learn efficient interview dos and don’ts.