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Investment Criteria

Is your company a good fit?

Our Investment Focus

RVC is looking for great companies with venture class returns to investors. This typically means that the company is capable of returning 10x over a five year period. Our interest level is horizontal - meaning that we look at deals in all areas including tech, software, life sciences, mobile, communications, medical, consumer goods, and more. We have many members with expertise in a wide variety of industries. RVC prefers companies with operations in the state of Colorado.

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RVC investors look for opportunities that meet the following criteria:

  • Exit Potential

  • Quality Team

  • Strategy

  • Deal Terms & Capital Plan

Why Pitch With RVC

What set us apart from other VC & Angel Groups
Active Angel Group
RVC is one of the largest and most active angel groups in the country. In 2016 RVC investors funded 17 companies by syndicating with a nation-wide network of angel groups that are a part of the Angel Capital Association, and local VCs. Engage with RVC Angels.
Industry-Leading Education
Every company that pitches with RVC is provided a complimentary pass Pitch Academy. This workshop is used by local SBDC’s and Colorado’s OEDIT Advanced Industries Grant Program.
Collaborative Due Diligence
By working with a group of angels, your company only has to go through a due diligence process. The club’s professional due diligence team produces best-of-breed reports that are invaluable in syndicating with other individual angels and groups.
There are two ways to get an opportunity to pitch at RVC. The first is simply to apply on our platform and the second is to create relationships and engage with the community first. Here are some tips about finding the best path for you.

We screen for our monthly pitch events in the last week of each month and notify companies on the first of the month. Pitch events are typically (but not always) held on the second Tuesday of the month.

If you’re accepted to pitch, you’ll be required to attend our half-day Pitch Academy workshop. This is free for companies accepted to pitch and $149 for non-members who have not been accepted. Membership is not required to pitch at RVC, though we certainly encourage it.

Ready to Engage?

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Members in our Angel Group (and growing)

Community Engagement

The second track to getting in front of RVC investors is to engage with the community first, then apply to pitch. This is the preferred method, since investors rarely invest based on a five minute pitch alone. Companies who engage with angels and build relationships first are the ones who are likely to be more successful.

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How else do you engage?

RVC has many engagement opportunities. All of our events are based around networking and provide time to get to know angels on an individual basis rather than just an anonymous crowd. Monthly pitch events and conferences are typically comprised of 40%+ angel investors, so almost one in two people you meet will be investors.

Also, our classes and workshops are open to angels and startups alike. Working through term sheets or valuations together with angel investors is a great way to build relationships. Also, it’s great to go through the same training that angels do, so you have a common understanding of how deals should be structured and a common vocabulary around valuations, exit strategies, etc.

Finally, volunteering is a good way to get involved. Many angels volunteer their time as mentors or for helping out at events in many ways. Working together on a committee is a good way to build relationships.

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