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August 2024 Investor Forum
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Our Investment Focus

RVC is looking for great companies with venture class returns to investors. This typically means that the company is capable of returning 10x over a five year period. Our interest level is horizontal - meaning that we look at deals in all areas including tech, software, life sciences, mobile, communications, medical, consumer goods, and more. We have many members with expertise in a wide variety of industries. RVC prefers companies with operations in the state of Colorado.

RVC investors look for opportunities that meet the following criteria:




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Why Pitch with RVC

Active Angel Group
RVC is one of the largest and most active angel groups in the country. On average, RVC invests in 25 companies annually by syndicating with a nation-wide network of angel groups that are a part of the Angel Capital Association, and local VCs.
Industry-Leading Education
Every company that pitches with RVC is provided a complimentary pass Pitch Academy. This workshop is used by local SBDC’s and Colorado’s OEDIT Advanced Industries Grant Program.
Collaborative Due Diligence
By working with a group of angels, your company only has to go through a due diligence process. The club’s professional due diligence team produces best-of-breed reports that are invaluable in syndicating with other individual angels and groups.

How to Engage with RVC

Become Apart of the Community

Building strong relationships and engaging with our community are essential for success at RVC. It's uncommon for investors to make investment decisions based just on a quick five-minute pitch. Therefore, companies that take the time to connect with our angels tend to be more successful.

RVC offers over 150 events each year, many of which are free for the public to attend. Additionally, our angels often volunteer their time to mentor or help out in various ways at these events. Joining a committee and working closely with angels is an excellent way to build meaningful relationships. Be sure to check out our upcoming events and get involved!
RVC Events

Educational Courses

RVC encourages all startups applying to pitch to attend the RVC Pitch Academy, a half-day workshop designed to do much more than just polish a founder’s pitch and presentation skills. From delivering a compelling presentation to negotiating a successful deal, this workshop will prepare founders to understand many of the terms and processes used by VCs and sharpen their venture strategy.

Additionally, various classes and workshops are available to both angels and startups, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Engaging together in sessions on term sheets or valuations with angel investors offers an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships. Moreover, participating in the same training as angels helps ensure that both parties share an understanding of deal structuring and use a common language regarding valuations, exit strategies, and more.
RVC Education