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RVC holds over 140 events per year throughout Colorado and now virtually via Zoom. These include monthly pitch events, Angel Accelerators, HyperAccelerators®, RVC Class Clusters, Angel investor forums, group mastermind meetings, and two major conferences that bring together over 300 community members each.

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At RVC we believe that the best investments get done when investors and entrepreneurs have a strong understanding of how angel investing and venture capital. We have developed a curriculum of 16 separate classes that are packed with information that is relevant to investors and entrepreneurs no matter what their experience level is. The classes are offered individually and through the RVC Class Cluster series where 2-3 workshops are offered back-to-back in one sitting. Each quarter, RVC offers the entirety of its curriculum so new members can dive right in!

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RVC is one of the most active Angel groups in the country! RVC funds 25-30 companies annually. The club runs a professional due diligence team that produces reports that are best in breed and allow RVC to syndicate with other Angel Groups across the U.S. Additionally, RVC hosts multiple investor forums across the front range, effectively pooling together a greater amount of wisdom and capital in Colorado.

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Our Annual Summit

The Capital Summit

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