The RVC HyperAccelerator®

Register for HyperAccelerator and get your company truly venture capital ready. Join us for an intense mentor-driven program that dives deep into developing a sophisticated Exit Strategy, Objective and Key Results (OKRs), Go to Market Strategy, Five Valuation Models, Capital Strategy, Scaling Strategy and more. Participating companies should be ready to raise capital.

What is the HyperAccelerator®?

The Rockies Venture Institute’s HyperAccelerator® is an innovative immersion program to develop and prepare tech, healthcare, and consumer product companies for investment and fast growth. Companies that graduate from the program are more likely to raise angel and VC funding and to grow quickly and demonstrate key milestones.

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Now, successful startup companies must be highly adaptable and ready to take advantage of a new opportunity at a moments notice. This was the inspiration behind the Hyperaccelerator®. Rockies Venture Club created this 1 week education program to bring together the valuable pieces from the many education seminars that RVC developed over the last 3 years.

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Day 1: Getting Started

We kick it off with Introductions and Program Overview, Pitch Academy, Lunch, Pitch Practices & Exit Strategies

Day 1 Deliverables: Pitch Deck v 1.0, Pitch Deck Revision Notes

Day 2: Beginning with the End in Mind

Exit Strategy Comps Workshop & Presentations, Business Model Canvas & Valuation Prop Canvas Workshop, and Hyper Cohort Networking

Day 2 Deliverables: Exit Strategy Comps & Canvas, Complete BMC, Complete Strategic Plan (Mission, Vision, Values, Objectives, Strategies)

Day 3: Getting Your Ducks in a Row

Due Diligence, Legal Checklist, Due Diligence Canvas Workshop & Key Risk Canvas Presentations, Market Strategies & Tactics, and Strategies Workshop & Presentations

Day 3 Deliverables: Due Diligence Folder, Due Diligence Questionnaire, GTM Strategy Canvas

Day 4: Preparing for Funding

RVC Academy: Believable Proformas, Proforma Workshops, RVC Academy: Financial Strategy, Financial Strategy Workshop & Presentations

Day 4 Deliverables: Full Proforma Draft, Capital Strategy Canvas, Ask & Use of Funds Outlined

Day 5: Let’s Make a Deal

RVC Academy: Valuations, Valuation Methodology Workshop, Valuation Presentations, and The Science of Business Building

Day 5 Deliverables: Valuation Modeler, Valuation Negotiation Range

Day 6: Let’s Get Pitch Ready

RVC Academy: Term Sheets Workshop and Open Pitch Practice Session

Day 6 Deliverables: Pitch Deck (near final version), Term Sheet Draft

In Comparison,

versus other incubators and accelerators...
Shorter, More Concise, & to the Point
Unlike other incubators and accelerators, the RVC HyperAccelerator® doesn’t take your valuable equity and doesn’t take twelve weeks of your time while you trying to manage your business.

HyperAccelerator® includes extensive mentoring from experienced investors, successful entrepreneurs, and legal, financial, and marketing startup experts. Founders complete HyperAccelerator® with strategic growth momentum and no loss of equity.

Every startup needs a solid go-to-market strategy, capital plan, legal basics, strategic planning, believable proformas, valuation, exit strategies, pitch coaching, and term sheets to negotiate with investors. And a compelling pitch for demo day!
One-of-a-Kind Programming
The program is based on the proven curriculum developed by Venture Capital for Dummies author, Peter Adams who has taught this elements of this program  nation-wide, on-line, at RVC sponsored training events and at the Colorado State University MBA program for years.

Now you can get the same program information and coaching that MBA students have paid thousands of dollars for in just one short, but exhausting week.  

But to be clear - this is NOT an academic program.  This is a hands-on, real-world, venture readiness program with insights into the minds of investors and how to succeed not only at funding but in growing and scaling your business to a successful exit.
Get Pitch-Ready in just Weeks
You'll get access to concepts and advice that are not available elsewhere. This is the insiders guide to funding and scaling a startup.

The program is a combination of content delivery, mentoring, and hands-on development. By the end of the program you’ll have a complete set of all the information, documentation and strategy that Venture Capitalists want before they will provide funding.

Companies who complete the program are considered “investment ready”, meaning that they have all of the information ready to begin pitching confidently to investors for angel and venture capital.

Take your startup from zero to sixty in just one, very short, very accelerated week.

RVC connects you with mentors that have experience founding companies and raising capital.

RVC has developed a curriculum that has been used by other organizations, including the Colorado OEDIT.

Take advantage of these resources to accelerate your company without giving up any equity.

Peter Adams
Board Chairman and Interim Executive Director
Kevin Kudra
Director of Operations
Adam Sanchez
Operations Associate

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Take your business from zero to 100 in 6 short but event-packed days.
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One of the many benefits of our HyperAccelerator® is that each entrepreneur will be assigned with a mentor each day of the program.

In order to pack everything into one short week, we are looking for experienced business people who bring their expertise to startups pitching for capital.

Mentors work one-on-one with pitch companies to help them craft their strategy and present the information that investors need to know. These will be highly dynamic sessions that are sure to be fun!


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