Angel Investing 501

Engage in the RVC Angel Investing 501 program to acquire the necessary skills for successful angel investing. Without such training, new investors might spend years and over $250,000 to learn effective investment strategies on their own. The program enhances angel investor education through practical exercises, mentorship from seasoned investors, and comprehensive materials and resources essential for proficient angel investing.

Why Angel
Investing 501?

The Rockies Venture Institute’s Angel Investing 501 offers significant benefits including a promising return on investment, potential tax advantages, insights into cutting-edge innovation, and opportunities to connect with fascinating individuals.

Program Schedule

Program Schedule

Filled with Content,
Mentors, and Investment Readiness

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Session 1: Introductions to Angel Investing

The program kicks off with Introductions, Program Overview, the RVC Process, Investment Criteria, Tax Codes and Syndication. We'll close out the session over networking and lunch!

Session 2: How to "Read" a Pitch

Find out what to look for in a great pitch and don’t get lured in by the entrepreneur’s excitement or an emotional hook.

Session 3: Exit Strategy

Learn the six things that smart investors know how to look for in a great exit strategy.
Remember - the exit is the only way Angels get their money back!

Session 4: Financial Proformas

Learn how to analyze a proforma financial statement and determine whether it is "believable" or not. Find out if you're going to get diluted out of a profit, or if future raises will give you a smaller piece of a bigger pie and great returns!

Session 5: Capital Strategy

Find out how different financing strategies benefit certain types of startups. From equity, to debt, to non-dilutive capital, discover the different pathways startups can access capital.

Session 6: Valuations

Learn the five valuations methods used to value pre-revenue early stage startups. Make sure you don’t pay too much (or too little)!

Session 7: Term Sheet Negotiation

How are Angel Deals negotiated? What are the key terms? Find out the benefits of common vs. preferred equity, convertible debt, and SAFE notes.

Session 8: Become a Lead Investor

Join this discussion to learn how to become an official RVC Lead Investor and begin supporting startups on their fundraising journey.

Session 9: Serving on a Board

Learn the best practices to become a board member or observer, and how to best support startups to grow and scale their ventures.

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June 7th - August 29th, 2024

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* Angel Investing 501 is accessible to RVC Active Investor Members for free!
For non-members, if you are an accredited investor interested in attending this workshop, please email to join the first session for free!

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