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Top six reasons to invest with us

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High Quality Deal Flow

RVC screens thousands of applicants per year to find the best candidates.

Wisdom of Crowds

RVC holds monthly Angel Investor forums across Colorado and virtually.

Due Diligence

Our industry professionals and experts produce reports trusted by Angel syndicates nation wide.

Angel Education

RVC has developed educational programs specifically tailored for investors.

Both Active & Remote

We accommodate both in-person engagements and remote investing as an asset class.

Investor Community

Join our network of strategic partners, including over 40 Angel Groups nation wide.

The Process

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RVC Screens 1,500+ applications per year from all over the country, and presents the most qualified candidates.

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Our group of Industry Professionals and Experts dive deep to deliver industry-leading reports.

RVC teams and lead investor negotiate a deal, collaborating with followers and syndication partners.

At closing, there is an open house to bring other parties up to speed. Once the deal is in play, it's go time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does RVC look for in a deal?

We look for venture capital class companies capable of returning 10x the investment over five years or less.

Which industries does RVC typically invest in?

We're typically agnostic when it comes to industry or sector. However, our most successful companies have been in Software, SaaS, Technology, Internet, Mobile, Consumer Goods, Life Science, Medical and Digital Healthcare.

What does the deal flow look like?

We have some of the best deal flow in Colorado, with top quality pitches from over 70 companies annually.

What are some more perks of RVC's network?

Network with highly motivated entrepreneurs and experienced, accredited investors at monthly pitch events, including the RVC Signature Series events, such as Impact Investing, CO Life Sciences Night, AgTech, EdTech, Outdoor Rec, and more. Additionally, attend both of RVC's annual conferences, Angel Capital Summit and Colorado Capital Conference.

How robust is the opportunity as an Investor Member?

With annual access to monthly accredited investor meetings, over a hundred pitch events, more than a thousand quality applicants, due diligence reports from industry experts, access to RVC's Deal Room, and abundance of resources and tools, the investment opportunity is substantially robust.

What is a Deep Dive?

Deep dives are two hours of face to face interaction between the CEO and management team of each company, and angel investors. This time provides the chance to answer any questions that may have arisen from the pitch. We typically do Deep Dives monthly for a few select companies. Investor Members gain access to these Deep Dives.

What does the negotiation process look like?

RVC and Lead Investor negotiate a deal that also takes into account a collaborative agreement with followers and syndication partners (other Angel groups, VCs, etc.). The negotiation process includes valuations, board seats, liquidation preferences, securities type, as well as other terms.

How does syndication come into play?

We share due diligence and term sheets with other angel groups, VCs and other investors. This helps engage out of state investors and increase the total amount raised if necessary.

Is RVC a broker dealer?

RVC is not an advisor nor a broker dealer. We are a community of investors who enjoy angel investing and the opportunities that come with it.

What are some resources RVC offers if I want to learn more?

RVC offers the following workshops to bring angels up to speed: Pitch Academy, Valuation for Early Stage Companies, Term Sheets & Negotiation, Exit Strategies, Due Diligence, Strategic Planning for VC Companies, Proformas and Financial Projections, Patents and Intellectual Property, Angel 101, How to be a Lead Investor, and more. Visit our Education page to learn more.