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April 3, 2020

April 3, 2020

Supporting Local Businesses From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Are you looking for ways to support small businesses and startups during this time? Our RVC portfolio companies have gotten creative with ways to help you homeschool, donate money, handle employee leave, buy or sell a home, protect your IP, and even share video to those who matter most. Check them out, support their efforts, and send some love to local businesses.


We’re all trying to find our footing right now. One thing we all know – we’re going to be working and learning from home for awhile. McSquares recently launched the HomeWork Kit for their employees and their families. They thought you’d like it too. Just the essentials for working and learning at home, in one HomeWork kit: a personal whiteboard, stickies 6-pack, and markers.

The whiteboarding products look beautiful, write flawlessly and can be used thousands of times. Guaranteed. These are indispensable tools perfect for note-taking, reminders, to-do lists, process-mapping, studying, practicing school skills, doodling, and games. McSquares is also offering to drop-ship bulk orders to employee homes.

Learn more here

Sheets & Giggles’ COVID Co-Op

COVID Co-Op was created with the goal of bringing together hundreds (eventually thousands) of consumer brands and small businesses to build a purely altruistic ecosystem that helps people disproportionately impacted by the COVID–19 outbreak. The Co-Op offers a large assortment of brands and small businesses that are donating a percentage of sales to COVID emergency relief funds.

The Co-Op’s impact also includes helping small businesses survive, helping Americans get items their families need while donating to charity, and relieving strain on the Amazon ecosystem.

Learn more here


TiLT makes all employee leaves easy, clear and effective by removing jargon, legalese and compliance nightmares for HR, managers, and employees. Their tech + human expert solution organizes, tracks and guides all leaves which is CRITICAL in today’s climate as employers are having to respond to fast-changing legislation and unprecedented CoVid related employee needs.

Due to the current state of the workplace, we are prepared to be as flexible as you need us to be. We are offering:

  • Flexible contracts to help you most during this time of need.
  • Simplified and streamlined onboarding so we can start managing your leaves quickly.
  • Videos and online resources so your teammates can review as it fits their schedules.

Learn more here


Trelora is a Denver-based online real estate brokerage designed to deliver excellent service for a fraction of the cost. For the last 8 years, we have developed homegrown technology to deliver a modern real estate experience to our customers. Our technology was designed to simplify the home buying/selling journey for customers in the digital age.

Our expert agents are helping people sell their home or buy new homes using a variety of virtual tools that encourage social distancing. Along with being a safe and pleasant experience, Trelora offers substantial savings compared to traditional real estate agents. Our customers have saved $72M in real estate commissions since Trelora was founded in 2011.

Learn more here


PolyPort sits in the middle of securing the migration to remote working, for high-value IP assets.  

They have created a persistent 3D IP protection and control platform, securing engineering, gaming, entertainment, and other creative IP regardless of location, with traceability. Way beyond encryption as they enable engineers, architects, animators, and product designers to work natively on designs on their own machines, with no latency while still providing persistent protection.  

Given the current state of affairs and the need for companies to adopt a work from home model, PolyPort opposes traditional approaches to security and offers a seamless, transparent approach solution that is friendly to the user.

  • Full control and visibility over content as it moves along the pipeline, regardless of location or machine. You always have full control
  • Permissions can be removed at any time, and throughout the creation process every cut, copy, paste and edit is protected
  • Real-time visibility means you know exactly what’s going on with your assets, and exactly who is using them
  • Consuming artists have increased flexibility to work remotely in the content creation tools of their choice, with NO latency. It’s a win-win for both sides.
  • No additional hardware or infrastructure needed

Learn more or schedule a demo here


Storyvine believes that video is a powerful way to stay connected, even though we may be apart. As such, they have launched a free version of their VideoGuide template used to make videos useful for updating customers, colleagues, or friends.

Their technology is all about returning humanity to a world of technology. During this time of social distancing, keeping the human connection intact is vital. A video of you, is a gift to them, whomever they are! If Storyvine makes it easy, maybe you can make a difference.

Learn more here

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