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WIN’s mission is to increase diversity in our investing community, we have established the Women’s Investor Network.  The purpose of WIN is to engage women with an engaged community, new programs, educational content, and opportunities to invest.


for Women Investors


for Women Investors


for Women Investors

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"Joining the Women's Investor Network was a great decision on my part. Together, we're strengthening our networks and our investments."
Jane Doe
Eastside Investor

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How our Women Investors are Networking

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Current & Future Women Investors


Women Investors & Entrepreneurs


Both Financially & Personally in Our Goals


Half of RVC investments are made in Women-Lead Businesses


That's three times higher than the National Average


However, only 14% of RVC Investors are Women.

Meet the Women in Charge

WIN Team Leaders

Cassie Jazmine
Programs Manager

Cassie Jazmine is a Founder & Investor who believes that Connection Creates Prosperity.

A serial entrepreneur and investor who has been involved in more than a billion dollars in transactions as an economic infrastructure and expansion strategist, Cassie has her eyes on the prize of raising the quality of life across the planet.

Cassie brings experiences in all stages of the investment process including creation & development, raise of capital & resources, expansion into global markets, analysis & due diligence, investment execution, and exits at all levels including IPO. She works across industries, with a current focus in food & beverage industries.




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