Economic Development

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Programs and Packages

The Rockies Venture Institute, the educational branch of the Rockies Venture Club (RVC), is dedicated to accelerating economic development educating and connecting investors and entrepreneurs. Recently, we have begun to team with Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) to bring our education and connection programs to foster growth of venture-funded, local startup companies.

Leveraging Local Capital

Economic Development budgets can only go so far. By providing proven programs, we’re helping communities to leverage local capital to foster their startup and entrepreneurial ecosystems. “Locavesting” is a growing movement wherein local investors are seeking to invest in locally-based startups to help build vibrant, sustainable local companies and create well-paying local jobs.

Job Creation Through Startup Investment

Research shows that for every $100,000 in angel capital investment, one new job is created. For example, a $500K angel capital investment can create up to 5 jobs. RVC has helped multiple startups raise initial rounds of funding leading to several companies growing from the founder to over 50 employees. The core component of job creation at growing companies is funding and RVI’s programs attract angel investors because we speak their language.

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Education is the Cornerstone

Rockies Venture Institute is one of the rare organizations that educates both angel investors and entrepreneurs. By teaching the same language, tools, and principles on both sides we create a collaborative community that benefits all involved.

HyperAccelerator® - Enabling Startups for Investment

RVI’s own HyperAccelerator® programs are designed to teach founders the technical aspects of venture capital financing that most accelerators leave out. This is an intense, one-week program with solid eight-hour days. The HyperAccelerator® ends with a “demo day” where companies present to the community and local investors. HyperAccelerators® are customizable to a specific community’s focus, such as cleantech, life sciences, social impact, commercialization of university technology, and more.

Angel Accelerator™ – Activating Local Capital

The RVI Angel Accelerator™ is a two-day program designed to teach angel investors everything they need to know to properly evaluate, negotiate, and price their investment deals. The workshop contains segments focused on the angel investor including, tax strategies, serving on boards, portfolio strategy, and post investment management.

Angel Group in a Box

It may look easy to form and run an angel group, but it is not nearly as simple as holding a monthly dinner meeting with startup pitches! There are numerous legal and regulatory issues to be addressed. Angel group dynamics and creating a positive culture are equally important for success. All of the services and infrastructure needed to start an angel group and accept investment funds are provided by RVC.

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