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Rockies Venture Club is the oldest, longest running angel investing group in the USA.  For over 29 years, Colorado has looked to the Rockies Venture Club to connect investors, service providers, and entrepreneurs. Rockies Venture Club is a non-profit organization.



LOHAS Lifestyles of Health and SustainabilityLOHAS2014-6

Natural Food and Beverage Investing Conference
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LOHAS market holds great potential.  A wider range of products now available have paved the way from mainstream consumer to explore and demand healthy and green products providing huge business opportunity to LOHAS startups.
LOHAS generally refers to a wide variety of products in the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability area, and this conference will focus on FOOD AND BEVERAGE Companies and what investors should look for when investing in these companies.
LOHAS is also a great opportunity for Investors looking for a great return on investment as well as making a social and/or environmental impact.
Our keynote and panels will answer some of these questions that investors and founders must know:
  • How do distribution channels work?  Is it good to have 25 stores of Whole Foods, or is that just a trial?
  • How do brands get built?  How important is branding for food and beverage companies?
  • What is the natural foods community like in Boulder/Colorado?  What resources do we have here that you can’t find elsewhere?
  • How do you build a team for a successful LOHAS company?
  • How do you scale your company from kitchen to commercial, to packaging, warehousing and more?


Join us on October 21 and learn from the best!



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