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Rockies Venture Club – Angel Investors providing access to capital.

Rockies Venture Club is the oldest, longest running angel investing group in the USA and is now the sixth largest angel group in the country.  For over 29 years, Colorado has looked to the Rockies Venture Club to connect investors, service providers, and entrepreneurs. Rockies Venture Club is a non-profit organization.



Investing In Technology Companies

January 2015

RVC is always surprised when people think all RVC invests in is tech.  They must have missed Life Science Night, Natural Food and Beverage, Impact Investing, Oil & Gas, etc!
The fact is that Colorado is strong in tech and that tech has the ability to scale big and fast – just what venture investors need.
Attend the “Investing in Tech” event to see Colorado’s top tech companies seeking angel/venture investment and to hear from industry leaders about what’s going on in tech investing.
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