Rockies Venture Club depends on amazing volunteers like you to contribute to our mission of furthering economic development throughout Colorado and beyond. Through education, events, and execution of venture investment deals, the RVC aims to bring the entrepreneurial and investment communities together. With your help, we can do just that. Ask anyone who has volunteered in the past; the work is incredibly rewarding! We’re looking for qualified and energetic individuals to work with us.

RVC volunteer positions are limited, so please apply promptly to be sure you are confirmed for positions that best meet your skills and interests. RVC is run by the community for the community. We have tons of volunteer power for event planning, company promotion, and coaching. There are a lot of ways to engage with the RVC community as a volunteer for the coming year. You can work with our Board Committees, gain some invaluable expertise as a Due Diligence Associate, and so much more!

RVC Volunteer Positions

VC Due Diligence Associate
The VC Due Diligence team consists of five professionals working together to produce due diligence reports for RVC investors for two deals each month. Due Diligence associates assess the team, market, products, Intellectual Property, competition, valuation and overall investability of the company using RVC templates and tools. This committee has a high time commitment and the team members depend on each other to produce top quality reports. Team members get an inside view of the investment process and may attend investor deep dives, valuation workshops and more to further their knowledge.

Marketing and PR
Working to promote RVC events and announcements locally and nationally. This position includes social media strategy and updates, writing and publishing press releases, working with the media, creating advertising and content, communicating with partner groups and updating community calendars.

Communicating RVC’s membership value proposition to new and existing members so that members are engaged and getting the most out of the experience. Participate in the ambassador program to welcome and introduce new members to the community.

Working with RVC’s sponsors to ensure that they get a great value from their investment. RVC’s active sponsorship program means that sponsors get more than just a logo on a PowerPoint slide. Work strategically to craft the value proposition for each individual sponsor, communicate with potential sponsors and engage the community.
Conference Committees
Conference committees meet on an ad hoc basis throughout the year to support RVC’s conferences and events.

Facilities and Logistics
Facilities and logistics team works with venues and catering to produce professional, high quality events. This team coordinates everything from food and beverage to name tags, signage, and awards.

Volunteer Management
If you’ve read this far, you can see that RVC has a lot of volunteers to manage. If you’re good with people and are super-organized, this may be the role for you.

Screening and Reviewing
Help to select the very best companies to present at RVC conferences.

Pitch Mentors
Pitch mentors are experienced business people who bring their expertise to startups pitching for capital. Mentors work one-on-one with pitch companies to help them craft their strategy and present the information that investors need to know.

Like what you see? Please fill out our 2017 volunteer survey and apply for volunteer opportunities here (even if you are a current volunteer).

Be a part of the community. Rockies Venture Club is the oldest angel investing group in the USA.  A non-profit serving investors and entrepreneurs since 1985.