Article by Griffin Ignelzi, Thrive LoDo

Every day there are more people forming and operating small businesses out of their homes or having to utilize the local coffee shop as a meeting ground. Sound familiar? While this option has proven viable for the startup in the short term it has become abundantly clear that this office situation is not ideal and can lead to your growing business having a tainted image in regards to professionalism and sustainability. The logical step in advancing the home-run or startup business is to get out of the living room and into your own office space; coworking spaces stand superior to their private, financially-heavy, “corporate” office counterpart.

Coworking is rapidly becoming the future standard, especially for small and startup businesses office needs. There are numerous advantages to a coworking environment. The culture that is created in a shared office setting vastly improves your businesses productivity, output, and networking reach. By surrounding yourself in close proximity to likeminded business professionals from varied backgrounds and expertise, one can vastly increase their business’ ability to flourish by taking advantage of collaborative opportunities with neighbors in close proximity.

Share your unique skill set, learn from those surrounding you and lift your business to new heights by taking advantage of the resources and professional community shared offices creates. Shared office spaces are far more affordable and include more services, features and potential for business growth than otherwise offered in generic private offices. Not only will you pay less on rental space when you sign up for a shared work environment, but you place yourself in prime real estate and become centrally located in the heart of your city’s downtown business district – the epicenter for business recognition, growth and success.

As you begin to look around for the different spaces out there, it is good to know about companies like Pivot Desk, a Boulder run group that connects people who are looking for existing spaces with availability. The spaces they promote range from a simple desk to multiple rooms. and websites like are good resources for discovering local office space available today and how much they cost to rent.

Another approach to looking into centers with available office spaces that work for you is to see what local businesses offer services in networking and other offerings that bring you closer to other like-minded entrepreneurs. Groups like Thrive Workplace Solutions are located in the heart of Denver’s (LoDo) Business centers host regular meet and greets, networking opportunities and provide unique and customizable workspaces geared towards the needs of business professionals. Thrive combines modern architectural design, comfort, ambiance, sound masking techniques and customizable individual spaces to provide the optimal environment from which your business will produce the highest caliber results.

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