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Denver Startup Week Events

RVC hopes to hold 4 events at Denver Startup Week

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– Sharkless Tank. Vote Here

– Pitch Academy. Vote Here

– Angel 101. Vote Here

– How to Raise an Angel Round in Colorado. Vote Here

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RVC is excited to make this Denver Startup Week the best ever, but we can’t do it without you!!! Get involved, tell your friends, and help us get the word out!

Voting is only open until July 10th, so please VOTE NOW!!!!

About Denver Startup Week:

DSW is a celebration of everything entrepreneurial in Denver – September 28th – October 2nd

Denver has a thriving entrepreneurial community and is one of the best places in the U.S. to start, build and operate a business.

Inspired by the innovation and activity in Denver, Denver Startup Week is focused on three goals:

Enhance the sense of community amongst Denver entrepreneurs, with specific focus on Downtown Denver.

Highlight Denver as an entrepreneurial center on the local, regional, and national stage.

Provide education, inspiration, and networking events for the Denver entrepreneurial community.


Sharkless Tank: Turning red oceans blue

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This hour long event will feature three investment ready companies pitching to a panel of four experienced angel investors including Rockies Venture Club Executive Director Peter Adams. The pitch will be 5 minutes long with 5 minutes for Q&A and 5 minutes of feedback from the angel investors. After the four companies pitch the audience will have a chance to vote for what they think is the most fundable company and will be able to compare their votes to those of the investors.

This will be a valuable event because it will show people what investors look for when investing in deals, what a quality 5 minute pitch looks like, and how companies begin the process of raising angel capital.


Pitch academy: Craft a perfect 5 min pitch

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This hour long workshop will feature 3 companies that are working on their pitch. Each of these companies will receive critiques and feedback from a panel of expert judges including: Peter Adams Executive Director of Rockies Venture Club, Dave Harris Operations Director of RVC, and an experienced Angel Investor. Throughout this event audience members will be exposed to: the common mistakes made when pitching for investment, what investors look for when evaluating a deal, how to convert a 1.0 deck into one that will catch an investor’s eye, and finally what the best practices are when creating a quality presentation.

Angel 101

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Presented by Peter Adams, co-author of Venture Capital for Dummies and Executive Director of Rockies Venture Club, this two hour workshop provides an overview of angel investing for those who are curious about how it all works. Angel investors are “accredited” meaning that they have a net worth of $1 million or more, but that’s just the beginning. We will cover the bases of how angels who do REALLY well with investments do it. Topics will include sourcing deals, due diligence, valuation of early stage companies, term sheets and negotiation and exit strategies, and finally the current trends in the capital market.This is a great place to get started with angel investing!


How to raise an angel round in Colorado

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Learn how one Colorado company conducted their first significant million-dollar round, dealt with challenges, and shifted strategy along the way to a successful close. Panelists include Peter Adams of Rockies Venture Club, Krista Morgan of P2Binvestor, and two investor participants in P2Bi’s first round


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