Unboundly_MAIN_Stacked_LargeRockies Venture Club is currently working with an absolutely terrific flight-search startup called Unboundly. This is a company everyone here at RVC is really excited about. It’s got a unique algorithm that allows users to find far cheaper long-distance flights compared to major travel search companies like Expedia.


Access to More Flights

What makes Unboundly have a leg up against its competitors is that it’s algorithm searches through far more airlines, which are often small and may only fly regionally. What may be surprising to many of us is that according to Unboundly, the large travel sites such as Expedia and Kayak only offer access to about 20% of the possible options out there. This is because these large sites strike partnerships with the three leading airline alliances and have to list only their airline routes. Since Unboundly isn’t contractually bound to any group of airlines, it is able to work with the remaining 80% of airlines, thus providing significantly cheaper prices. Their advanced algorithm identifies which legs of a flight route can be swapped out for a cheaper one from a different airline.


I know that I would use Unboundly myself. I love traveling, and am always looking for the best prices for flights. I spend far more time comparing prices when I’m going on a longer trip abroad. Knowing that Unboundly’s algorithm captures the cheaper flights from other carriers that other sites don’t advertise would save me a lot of time from scouring all the other travel sites. Furthermore, flying on other airlines than the ones in the major airline alliances is exciting to me. It’s something new and I get to later brag to my friends that I did in fact fly with that airline if it ever comes up in conversation.

A Broad Market

While Unboundly is targeting millennials, I think its market will end up being far broader. Those who travel to far-off places for fun, business, or to see family will immediately see the benefits of using Unboundly to find their flights. For instance, if you are travelling to Myanmar, Unboundly will be able to save you 60-80% compared to its competitors. These are some huge savings and I’m sure people will flock to the website once it goes live.


Unboundly already has over 22,000 people signed up for its waitlist. These people will be the first to experience their website. Unboundly plans on rolling out access in waves to those on the waitlist in the coming months. If you’re interested, you can go to their website here to get on the list.

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