Twitter and Google have reached a deal to make tweets searchable in real time using the search engine.

The tweets will now appear as people search for content using the search engine. Before this deal, Google would have to crawl the social media website and then post the tweets.  Google will most likely pay a flat licensing fee for the tweets and Twitter hopes to get increased traffic.




This is part of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s effort to increase the traffic on twitter for non-users who just read the public tweets on the site — what Twitter calls the “logged out user base.” The company also hope this will increase the number of its core user base which was 284 million users – Source UPI (click on image for story).

Google seeks to add more content to get more eyeballs on Google for all those pesky advertisers.  In addition, Google has failed so far to gain any real traction in the “social” side of social media.  Twitter suffers from disbelievers who think that Twitter is really about all those stupid tweets and annoying ones about having lunch or other posts of dubious value.  However, Twitter is of great value as I think there is great content with links being posted and occasionally really great issues discussed (no, not deflategate).  The continuing challenge is for content developers to design and deliver content of real value whether in the form of entertainment, knowledge and life-saving value.  Blather is still blather whether from Google or Twitter.

Issues and Impacts

While we are still getting “our arms around this” significant social media announcement the first and foremost impact will be on what you post on Twitter.  Here are the Top-10 actions you should be taking now:

#1 Content Direction – always direct people to your content. This means in your Twitter posts add links to your website and to specific landing pages and content mentioned.  Posting OPC-other people’s content of articles on other websites will only make the user go there and they may never come back ever.  Even if you are mentioned in the WSJ, Fortune or other big mag, send viewers first to your website as they may “browse” around your website for what they are looking for or you may have other solutions for them to consider. Most importantly, you will get more traffic to your website which is always a good thing.

#2 Content Concepts – redesign, rethink, re-write and repost your content on your website.  Many articles can easily positioned for different audiences such as older, younger, richer or poorer. In addition, integrating pics, videos, podcasts and other multi-media content on your website engages the viewer to stay longer.

#3 Core Content – also known as “thought leadership” has always been the most important part of your solution. If people don’t understand how to use your product, its ROI/TCO or other intrinsic value such as improved health, less stress or better working conditions, then they simply won’t buy now and if and when they do buy they will buy from some who provide this kind of content.  This means you need to not just write good content as mentioned in #2 but also actionable content that people can really use. In addition, integrating pics/cartoons, infographics, videos, podcasts, animation and other multi-media visual content on your website engages the viewer to stay longer.

#4 Content Tools – while there are many Twitter posting tools, they often keep you removed from “where the action is” and being truly responsive to customer concerns and most importantly realize that Twitter is a “social” platform not just a posting platform. Certainly Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook are all customer-centric for difference audiences. However, being “on the street” and getting real-time views gets you more involved in being “on the playing field” rather than sitting in the stands. Yes, it takes more time to write, post creative and useful Twitter posts you don’t gain followers by just being invited to the party but being at the party.

#5 – SEO – there is much to do about SEO but SEO and core concepts will fundamentally change as a result of this “smashup.” Of course, simple SEO will not be impacted but those who face intense competition will only find even more pressure to keep content “fresh and actionable.” However, if one might guess that Twitter posts and those with the keywords, labels and even #hashtags will all be searched, making sure these terms are all aligned with your Twitter posts and other marcom is a must.

#6 – CTA – call to actions will be even more important as creative postings to drive user buying habits will change as Twitter posts become the new “headline news” for many businesses. Content-driven customer actions will help companies be more customer-focused but also make them more customer-engaged.

#7 – Customer Service/Support – Twitter has already changed the way customer service and support is being accomplished. Customers don’t call you anymore, they tweet and if you don’t get that you have already failed as hashtag “fail” is the new way customers see you.

# 8 – Presence – Twitter expands time and consciousness extending your presence in new and different ways.  While this concept is a bit beyond the norm, think of Twitter as a communications universe with galaxies and stars.  Stars have names like real stars do.  They are called #hashtags.  If you prefer, think of #hashtags as sections in your newspaper such as business, lifestyle or sports.  Adding #hashtags gets you into these sections and can often have longer lasting viewing that just via your Twitter posts.

# 9 – Legal – compliance, discovery and legal issues still apply and more so now.  Courts have held that public information is discoverable with integrated social-search makes it easier.  That is, take care for what you post today can be and likely be in court someday.

10 – Wildcards – given this is a new endeavor on the part of these two social-search giants, there will likely be many “unanticipated consequences” of this effort. Like with the impact of #hashtags on the social media landscape such as #deflategate, #fail and others, how Google handles hashtags will be certainly of great discussion.

Bottom-line – Google and Twitter are key search-social platforms with Twitter as the key global news platform and Google for search. If you have content, news, events and more we can only recommend you start now and accelerate your Twitter efforts as if you don’t your competitors will have both more followers and better position in Google.

Tom Cross

Tom Cross

By Thomas B. Cross @techtionary

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