What does sequencing the wheat genome have in common with corn that makes its own nitrogengeodesic spheres for fish, and figuring out just what in meat makes meat taste meaty? They’re all agricultural and food technologies, or AgTech, the wave of innovative concepts with the goal of feeding the world for the years to come. From precision agriculture and crop engineering to tiny robots that pick strawberries, AgTech solutions bridge the gap between the rapidly expanding tech sector and the hard earned knowledge of generations of farmers. You’ll hear the scientists behind parts of this movement say things that may sound extremely strange, such as calling cows “obsolete food technology“, while others are breeding so called “supercows” and investing in the future of cowtech. To be frank, it’s about time, considering that the major breakthroughs in ‘modern’ farm science, up until about 10 years ago, have been Round Up, artificial fertilizers, and autonomous tractors. So what’s, quite literally, in store for the future? Will our produce be grown above our supermarkets and be picked by robots as we make selections on tablets? Perhaps scientists will learn how to grow bread in a petri dish, although petri dishes are more likely to make animals obsolete before wheat. From software to vehicles to the future of seeds, read the outlook here for more info.

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