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RVC Investor Deep Dives:
Featuring Content Blvd. and Flyter
Wednesday,  May 20thThe purpose of this meeting is to meet face-to-face with the company CEO and leadership in order to get crucial questions answered.  The deep dive will take place in Denver and will cover all the major due diligence questions such as IP, competition, leadership, funding strategy, exit strategy, use of funds, milestones, etc.

Location: Thrive Ballpark. 1415 Park Ave. West. Denver, CO 80205
Time: 12:30-5:00PM
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Cannabis Capital Summit
The first year of legal Cannabis in Colorado has been a whirlwind.  RVC held its first Cannabis Capital Summit last year and cleared the smoke on some of the risks and opportunities in this budding industry. This year we look at Cannabis 2.0 and the new landscape.Cannabis 2.0?

Grow operations are having new challenges with profitability – many have gone from cash cows to cash constrained.  What will happen to the wholesale price of cannabis as industrial grow operations continue to grow?

Ancillary businesses have continued to grow more sophisticated and are moving to take advantage of the opportunities for expansion in new states as cannabis becomes legal in more and more states.

Exits are elusive for cannabis companies with no public entities in the industry.  What are the opportunities for exits in the cannabis industry?  We will look at the public markets, roll-ups and industry experts will provide guidance for investors and companies alike.

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This conference will bring together industry leaders, venture capitalists, angel investors, banking and legal experts, and entrepreneurs to address the state of the Cannabis and Hemp industries, investment opportunities, potential risks, and what the future holds for the Cannabis business environment in Colorado!

Other Upcoming Events/News:
Participate in the Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge!
Weekly Video: What Effect Do Angel Investments Have on Entrepreneurs Success?
Fort Collins Startup Week
5/26- 5/31

The Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge is going to be a part of the Fort Collins Startup Week. RVC will be holding two “investor triages” as a part of this event. One will be for the Collegiate challenge on the Wednesday the 27th and the other will be for the enterprise on Friday the 29th. These triages will give investors a chance to provide feedback and advice as they move forward.


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Fort Collins is a hotbed of entrepreneurship in Colorado. In fact it was recently ranked #2 in the country for high tech startup density. This week will showcase high quality companies and pitches. RVC will be holding four events during the course of the week ranging from investor judging to education. For more information please visit the FCSW website:



RVC Partner Events:
Third Annual Telluride Venture Accelerator
7/1/15 9:00- 11:00 AM
Peaks Resort | Telluride, CO
Denver Coworking Week
Colorado Venture Summit- Evening Party
June 11th, 6:30-10:00PM

TVA is bringing together a unique group of angel and institutional investors
in this invitation only event to hear the final presentations from our participating
companies following five months of immersion in the TVA accelerator program.

Program to include keynote speaker and panel discussions.


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Thrive workplace solutions will be a part of the Denver Coworks Alliance’s coworking week. If you are interested in learning about the benefits of coworking this will be an opportunity o try it out!

Additionally Thrive will be holding an event  at their new Ballpark location on Friday June 12th followed by an eventing at the Rockies game.


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At this event you will have the chance to network with over 40 Venture Capital Firms and most of Colorado’s venture-backed CEOs. This event is limited to actively-investing angel investors and Founders/CEOs of all Colorado tech companies that hope to raise investment capital.Use discount rvc-50 to receive a 50% discount off of registration


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