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This Week at RVC
Meet the Companies Pitching at the
Inside Venture Capital Event!!
Here are the quality companies that are pitching at RVC’s Inside Venture Capital event on Tuesday.

Time: Tuesday April 14th, 2015. 5:00-7:30PM
Location: Denver Chamber Building. 1445 Market St. Denver, CO. 80202. 5th Floor

Autowatts- is a solar sales platform that automates the technical and financial analyses and calculations required to offer/propose solar. This eliminates the need for specialized solar sales reps, and allows sales partners with existing clients to offer solar. In doing so, it reduces customer acquisition costs and generates far more proposals than traditional solar sales methods. Our channels partners earn more per client by offering solar.

Kapta- Kapta provides a cloud-based system to clearly communicate company goals, track every employee’s expected contribution and review overall status through a real-time dashboard. Based in Boulder, CO, Kapta gives executives a clear line of sight into each team member’s performance and the system’s alignment tools keep employees on track. Kapta provides employee alignment and executive feedback to successfully scale your business.

Sustainable Power Systems- Sustainable Power Systems delivers a Universal Microgrid Controller(TM) to ensure peak microgrid performance, highest renewable energy levels, lowest cost of energy and lowest environmental impact. We integrate all forms of renewable and non-renewable energy, bringing electricity to remote, off-grid communities and addressing the worldwide trend toward distributed electricity production, providing grid reliability, stability and energy security.

Valid Evaluation-
When you are responsible for making tough decisions about funding, prize awards, or admission grants, you need a measurable and defensible evaluation process. You need to know you’ve arrived at the right result. More importantly, you need others to know it. Confidence in the outcome begins with a trusted evaluation process. And that process begins with the Valid Eval online evaluation system.

Valid Eval is designed for organizations that must make and defend tough decisions. The system is easy to use, minimizes bias and provides highly useful feedback to participants. It surfaces and organizes the normally hidden criteria used in complex evaluations, increasing evaluator accountability and support for outcomes.

Inside Venture Capital Panel:
  Pat Linden, Counsel @ Faegre Baker Daniels, Moderator
Ryan Kirkpatrick, Partner @ the Colorado Impact Fund
Brian Wallace, Managing Director of Access Venture Partners
Bruce Dines, VP of Liberty Global Ventures
Chris Marks, Founder and Managing Partner of Blue Note Ventures
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Other Upcoming Events/News
High Altitude Investor Forum 4/16/15 |  4:00-7:00 PM
The Harvey House 555 E. Pikes Peak Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Weekly Video: What makes an investable company?
Denver/Boulder Investor Forums
2/12/15 & 2/13/15
The High Altitude Investor Forum is a group of accredited investors who are interested in learning about private equity investing in Colorado. This is the first of such events that Rockies Venture Club hopes to be hosting in partnership with HAI.

Every week RVC connects you with content that is valuable for both entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Watch the webinar here

The forum helps to make Angel Investing fun and more efficient by pooling the wisdom, efforts and funding of many individuals and syndicating on investments. By sharing in due diligence and negotiation we are able to fund many more deals than if we pursued them as individuals.-Denver Investor Forum:
-Time: April 16th, 8:00-10:00
-Location: CBIZ Offices, 8181 E Tufts Ave #600, Denver, CO. 80237
Register HereBoulder Investor Forum:
-Time: April 17th, 9:30 – 12:00
-Location: Holland and Hart Boulder, 1800 Broadway #300, Boulder, CO. 80302
Register Here
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