Rockies Venture Club is excited to announce the 2015 Colorado Capital Conference Keynote Speaker will be Basil Peters!

Basil Peters is a M&A Advisor, Exit Coach, and CEO of Strategic Exit Corp, a firm specializing in optimum exits for tech companies. He’s also managed three top performing funds – a hedge fund, a venture capital fund, and an angel fund – as well as starting his own business while still in grad school called Nexus Engineering. Peters is the author of Early Exits – Exit Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors (But Maybe Not Venture Capitalists), and maintains a blog on exits – – and one on angel investing –



Learn more about Basil Peters here.

early exits book

In addition to Basil’s keynote address the conference will also feature three expert filled panels that will talk to the following topics all centering around the theme of Early Exits:

  1. Singles and Doubles– Panelists Peter Adams, RVC Executive Director, and Mike Freeman, Innosphere CEO, will discuss why the strategy of several “singles and doubles” compared to a rare “homerun” makes sense for both investors and enterpreneurs.
  2. Driving the Exit: Founders that exited early and those on that path- This panel will feature several successful founders that have employed this early exit strategy and those that are currently on the path.
  3. Who are the Acquirers?- M&A is the most likely (positive) exit scenario for most founders. Therefore this panel will feature multiple acquirers who will talk to: What make a company worth acquiring? What can entrepreneurs do to best position themselves for acquisition? and much more!

Learn more about the Colorado Capital Conference here!

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