Rockies Venture (RVC) is excited to announce the release of a new member/investor communications app. “Providing member/investor communications is fundamental to RVC mission, noted Peter Adams.

rvc-join“This app provides news, events calendar, discussion/blog groups, offers, and member chat in an app designed exclusively for RVC,” he added. The app is free to paid members and investors for Apple iPhone/iPad with Android coming soon.  Click on the below image for iTunes.



Version 1.0 is available immediately and users are encourage to provide feedback for improvements as the app is the result of years of research, app design and custom development.

Questions and customer support is available at and more information at

Here are some images of the app and click on any image for iTunes.
















Here are some of the key app features (see app for better images):

BLUE icon – Calendar center for RVC events.

GREEN icon – NEWS center for articles.

WHITE (arrow) icon – Push action messages.

RED icon – Discussion or Blog center is where you can add your thoughts to blog posts.

ORANGE icon – Chat center where you can chat with fellow RVC members.

PURPLE icon – Change your preferences and add your own pic if you like.


Please email Tom Cross for any help related issues as well as suggestions and ideas on how to improve the app.


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