There is one place where the most angel and VC investors gather in Colorado to see pitches every year and that is the Angel Capital Summit. Companies who are raising capital for a startup and investors from all over Colorado and around the country come to see some of the best of what Colorado has to offer – and with four of the five cities for startups in the US you can be sure that the quality of these companies will be high.

In past years, over 25% of companies pitching have received financing and this is due in part to the level of pitch coaching the companies receive before the event and the community of investors at Rockies Venture Club who collaborate on due diligence and negotiation in order to make the process easier and ultimately more successful. RVC Angels have an open policy towards syndication and any investor or angel group is welcome to participate in the investment rounds. This helps to increase the number of available investors so that the companies pitching can raise their entire rounds as quickly as possible.

The deadline to apply to pitch is February 18th.

There is no cost to apply to pitch and for companies that have a pitch deck and business plan, the process should only take a few minutes.   Visit to apply.

The Angel Capital Summit pitches companies from any industry including tech, life science, medical, consumer products, mobile and internet.  The main criterion is whether the company is a “venture capital class” company, capable of achieving an exit in 3-7 years with a 10X return to investors.

The Angel Capital Summit occurs every year at the University of Denver during spring break.  This provides an excellent combination vacation for investors who want to take advantage of great spring skiing at nearby Colorado ski resorts.

Angel Capital Summit
March 18-19 (with accredited investor-only session 8-12:00 March 20)
University of Denver, Sturm Hall, Davis Auditorium

Nearby hotels can be found here:



“Given an extremely challenging fundraising environment for biotechnology startups, I had mixed feelings about applying for the 2012 Angel Capital Summit, particularly since VetDC needed to raise over a million dollars.  I was thrilled to discover a very proactive lifescience angel investor community right here in Colorado – many of whom expressed strong interest in the VetDC concept.  Thanks to our participation at the Summit and with follow-up support of the Rockies Venture Club, we were able to enlist a lead investor to assist us in raising capital.  Ultimately we were able to raise $1.5 Million, an amount far exceeding our expectations.  I highly encourage innovative startup companies to pitch at the upcoming Angel Capital Summit.  You may be surprised at what materializes!”

Steven Roy, VetDC


Mosaic Labs raised $225,000 in our angel round for Mosaic, which we closed during Q1 of 2012.  “We found the Angel Capital Summit to be a worthwhile gathering of investors and interesting companies. The presentations were compelling and it was valuable to be part of the conversations with investors seeking to be active within the community.”


I was very appreciative and fortunate to have had the opportunity to pitch my company last year at the RVC Angel Capital Summit (ACS).  I had started raising financing in Palo Alto for Denver based MenoGeniX, a start-up biotech company a month before and not long after the ACS was able to close on the necessary capital investment to move forward with the outlined project.  I am a huge fan of the RVC and the spirit of entrepreneurism and angel investment that Peter Adams and Nicole Gravagna have generated in one year.  They really “get it” and see the big picture, it’s not just deals they are putting together it is a unique symbiotic relationship and culture that is being developed in Colorado and will ultimately prove to be a model for the new way to finance start-up companies.  They have proven this model works for all industries including life sciences and biotech which are traditionally very difficult to fund.  The RVC has done wonders to educate and promote these industries and for this I am extremely thankful.  I wish all the presenting companies much luck and success at this years’ ACS and many thanks to all the Angel Investors supporting the local entrepreneurial community.
Debra M. Duke

MenoGeniX, Inc.

President  & CEO

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