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We expect that this list of 118 will change over time as new entrants emerge and gain prominence and others falter and get removed.  If you believe someone should be added, please leave a comment with your rationale.

 Navigating the Periodic Table

The table focuses on eight different investor types as follows (from left to right). They were selected based on a combination of factors including historical exits, network strength, reputation/brand prominence and deal activity. Many of these criteria are considered as part of our Investor Mosaic scoring algorithms.

Venture capital firms

Venture capital firms included make venture equity investments across the stage spectrum and geographies focusing on high-growth opportunities in tech and have received significant LP commitments to date ($200M to well over $1B+).

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Corporate venture capital firms

Corporate VCs included have separately identifiable corporate venture units and made over 80% of their investments into tech categories, i.e., internet, mobile, software, hardware/electronics). Corporate-affiliated funds with LP commitments such as SAP Ventures are not included here (but are part of the VC category).

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Tech nerd? Like data? Writer? We’re looking for the Nate Silver of tech.


Growth/late-stage firms

Growth and late-stage investment firms focus on growth-stage companies with established revenue typically in the tens of millions and/or a record of significant traction. Some, but not all, growth investors are part of firms that also have funds investing in the public markets.

Micro VC firms

Tech micro VCs are those with funds ?$100M and which have made 80%+ of investments at the early-stage (seed/Series A).

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Angel investment groups

Angel groups often bridge the gap between angel investment and institutional VC, providing either a managed fund or direct investment from angel group members.

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Angel investors are, often, wealthy individuals who offer early-stage capital, advice and networks to startups in exchange for equity or convertible debt.

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Accelerators/venture studios/holding companies

Accelerators and startup venture studios typically offer some combination of equity investment, mentorship and resources around company development. We’ve previously taken deep dives into the investment activity of Y Combinator and Rocket Internet.

Tech acquirers

Public tech corporations acquiring private tech companies for business growth, sales expansion, new technologies and/or talent. Acquirers selected were based on overall M&A activity of private tech companies as well as M&A momentum based on deal pace.

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Again, if you believe someone should be added, please leave a comment below with your rationale.

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