On Tuesday August, 25th 9NEWS Tech Correspondent Scott Yates discussed MailDeck, the company that was voted at RVC’s Summer PitchFest for having the best pitch and the best investment opportunity.

There were seven companies total that pitched at the Summer PitchFest. After each of the 5 minute pitches, the 125 person group (25% of which were investors) would have a chance to vote on the pitch quality and investment opportunity for each company.

MailDeck is an email app that is currently on the Apple iOS store and has been consistently rated as one of the best productivity apps in the store. The app itself offers a wide range of features that give the user many more helpful abilities such as automatic sorting, advanced search, and an integrated contact management system. In addition to these tools that lead to 40,000+ downloads, MailDeck allows companies to create emails that contain native video, and use the inherent functionality of a mobile device.

Scott Yates also mentions Rockies Venture Club’s 27th Annual Colorado Capital Conference. The conference will focus on the concept of early exits and how batting singles and doubles instead of going for the rare grandslam is more beneficial, and can lead to greater returns for both investors and entrepreneurs. Learn more about the conference here!

Watch the full 9NEWS segment below:

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