Rockies Venture Club invests in a variety of companies, not just one vertical. This allows for investments in different types of industries each with their own unique markets, experts, and strategies. Here are three of the top industries that are being invested in right now.


Healthcare – Digital access to health

The healthcare industry is is currently in a climb. With the integration of healthcare and technology, access, and ease of use are making old painful processes easier than ever. This telemedicine prompted the founding of CirrusMD. CirrusMD is one of the healthcare investments in the RVC portfolio. They give immediate access to healthcare providers to anyone that has text messaging, answering all your medical questions needs remotely and accurately. Its simple changes like these, along with others like new ways to track health and provide insight that are changing the landscape and making healthcare a top industry.


Fintech – New Access to Capital

Disrupting access to capital has been a trend in the recent past. With the emergence of crowdfunding, the old ways of getting money are facing some competition. Enter P2BInvestor. P2Bi is revolutionizing the way you get credit. By making a line of revolving credit that is secured by assets like receivables or investors, P2Bi can help improve the cash flow for small or big companies. P2Bi happens to be another RVC portfolio company, that is in one of the fastest growing industries today.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is not stealing the thunder when it comes to trending industries, but is one of the most important. With the integration of technology into almost all other industries, the risk of security becomes even higher. Just take a look at all of the security breaches in the news. Swimlane is an RVC portfolio company that helps combat security fatigue. With the constant attempts to breach security, there are a lot of false alarms that are time consuming. Swimlane works to automate that process freeing up time and resources. Cybersecurity is a big industry and is going to continue to grow as the other industries incorporate technology into their models.


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