Rockies Venture Club has a monthly workshop entitled Pitch Academy. Pitch Academy takes entrepreneurs though the art of the pitch. Yes, it is an art. Slide formation, understanding what information needs to be included and general presentation are all touched upon. A key element of any successful pitch is the voice. The voice acts as a hook. Whether excited or coolly confident, the voice grabs, or loses, the audience. Regardless of product or visuals, if the voice is flat there will be minimal interest. Voice elevates a good pitch, to a great one.

While an obvious, and somewhat cliché choice, the speaker goes beyond expectations. With his passion, he could pitch complete junk and still get a response. Nevertheless, his pitch aims to impress. His tone almost makes you forget he’s pitching. Jobs integrates his voice into the pitch with humor and excitement. He compares his product against competitors, and explains the fundamental need for his product in the market. Finally, he demonstrates the advantages of his product. Investors are interested in all of these elements.

This is not a traditional pitch for a company. And not everyone has the reputation that Apple does. But the presentation would still stand as one of the best if it wasn’t from Apple. Most pitches do not incorporate build-up successfully; Jobs does it flawlessly. The presentation supports his speaking, not the other way around. His voice, confidence and execution made Jobs an icon.

Every entrepreneur can learn from this pitch. This is a great pitch. It is also important to see poor pitches. The more pitches you see, the more you are able to see what works and what doesn’t. Investors see hundreds of pitches every year, and a good entrepreneur should too. This will help you think like an investor and effectively communicate with investors.

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