Meet the 3rd Cohort of RVC’s HyperAccelerator Program


Aztech Energy builds its disruptively low cost solar thermal technology into practical products and solutions. Our first product is SunCatcher™, a first to market solar hot tub cover that saves up to 80% of spa heating costs.

heatmatrix is the best new way to search for restaurants, bars and clubs. With details that go deeper than user reviews, heatmatrix delivers a highly personalized list of options that better match what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it.

RedShift is a leader in developing intelligent conversational interfaces, for mobile apps and commerce. We enable mobile app users to perform transactions naturally through voice and language understanding. Using the platform, app developers can deliver a unique interface that features clean, easy and safe-to-use user experiences to their customers.

Snowvation is a cloud software company whose mission is to make everything at a ski resort, for both the guest and employee, possible from a smartphone. Snowvation has already reimagined the ski experience at 6 resorts including 3 in the U.S., 2 in Japan and 1 in China with almost $100k in 2016 sales. Snowvation is raising a $500k round to scale its product to 25+ resorts globally over the next 12 months.

Sonotize is the first rewards platform designed specifically for music streaming. Our mobile app features a gamified loyalty model designed to enhance the listening experience for fans, increase revenue for streaming services, and boost engagement for our advertising partners.

Start Talking is a HIPAA compliant video platform that allows psychologist to provide on-line therapy to their patients.

SteadyCover is a technology-enabled insurance provider that will sell on behalf of large insurance companies. Our patent-pending feature will provide improved efficiency to agents and brokers at a critical point in the insurance sales cycle, which will cause them to prefer offering our quotes to their customers. SteadyCover is targeting the $1.2 billion spent annually by small commercial properties along the hurricane-exposed U.S. coastline.

Symbia streamlines the allergy-care process through the allergy-care platform, allergy skin test kits, allergy-pharmacy services and patient-marketing tools for our client practices.

Trendly is pioneering the relationship between people and brands through influencer marketing and social commerce. Our platform enables brands to grow by streamlining and scaling influencer campaigns. Now it’s easier than ever for brands to manage relationships with influencers, secure marketing content, and create a unique and targeted shopping experience through authentic user photos.

Verkko Biomedical is a Life Sciences and Material Sciences company. We develop and manufacture bioactive antibiotic calcium phosphate powder to compliment current antibiotic regimen to prevent and treat surgical site infections. Our product is the first product on market which enables to prevent deep would infections and treat infections which are already present in the wounds, including antibiotic resistant bacteria infections over long period of time.