Rockies Venture Club (RVC) is excited to announce an entrepreneur and investor education program partnership with one of Japan’s most prestigious early stage venture capital firm, Future Venture Capital (FVC).

Rockies Venture Club is the largest angel investor network in Colorado with five chapters in (Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Centennial) and also the nation’s longest operating group of its kind. Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd. is one of the first publicly traded venture capital investment companies in Japan that has been in operation for nearly 20 years with more than $200M USD equivalent in assets under management.

FVC is a unique venture capital firm because not only does it care about the benefit to the investors and the portfolio companies as many other venture capital firms do, but it is also concerned about societal impact. FVC has several regional offices in Japan and each office has a mission to contribute to the development of the local and regional economy through growth of venture companies.

“RVC’s mission is in line with that of the FVC, in terms of the contributions to the local and regional economy through investment in early stage ventures,” states the Executive Director of RVC, Peter Adams. The announced partnership is based on the educational program developed by RVC, called HyperAccelerator, a one-week intensive program to prepare start-up venture companies ready to present itself to the angel investors and seek capital investment.

“Education is a critically important factor in developing a community with a dynamic venture culture in Japan”, says Executive Vice President of FVC, Yuji Fujinaga, leading international operations at FVC. Mr. Fujinaga continues “RVC’s education program is unique because it was developed by angel investment practitioners. We believe high quality programs like RVC’s HyperAccelerator is beneficial to entrepreneurs in Japan as well as corporations based in Japan seeking to enhance internal innovative and entrepreneurial culture.” The partnership involves, FVC’s exclusive right to market RVC’s HyperAccelerator program in Japan.

The joint press event was held at the press room of Osaka Stock Exchange in Japan attended by the President and CEO of FVC, Naoto Matsumoto and Denichiro “Denny” Otsuga, Director of Venture Community Development with RVC, a Japanese native who has been a mentor in the HyperAccelerator program with RVC and led the partnership development between RVC and FVC. The FVC kicks off the marketing for the

HyperAccelerator program, at a near by historic city Kyoto, Japan during the Smart City Expo 2016, “A perfect place to introduce the HyperAccelerator”, states Mr. Matsumoto, as the expo showcases how Smart City can create sustainable new businesses that enhance the local economy.” “I hope this will be the first of many more steps in the future to enhance relationships between Japan and Colorado to create tangible economic impact that is beneficial to both Japan and Colorado,” stated Otsuga.

About FVC:

Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (FVC) is a publicly traded venture capital investment company in Japan on the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s JASDAQ market (Code: 8462) founded in 1998. FVC has invested in 350 deals since its inception and currently manages 25 funds totaling about $200M USD in assets. FVC often invests in early stage deals and as the lead investor.

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