Venture capital funding hit its highest annual mark since 2001 as venture investors participated in $47.3 billion across 3,617 deals. Even versus 2013, the past year was huge as venture capital skyrocketed 62% YoY due to multiple $500M+ mega-rounds while deal growth was more modest, climbing 8%. Of note, two quarters each – Q2’14 and Q4’14 – notched over $13B in funding.

This in-depth report analyzes financing and exit trends across U.S.-based rounds in which VCs participated as well as top investors, exits and deals in 2014. Below is a high-level summary of some of the report’s highlights. For all of the findings, download the entire report. It’s free.  If you can’t get the report after the deadline, just contact RVC for a copy.

2014: $47.3 billion invested in 3,617 deals

Quarterly VC Investment & Deal Volume Trend (2014)

A mix of traditional VC money coupled with corporate VCs, hedge funds, private equity investors and even sovereign wealth funds created a potent cocktail in 2014 lifting funding levels to the highs seen during the dot com boom. 2014 ended with a bang on the funding front as VC-backed deals hit $7.1B in the final month of the year. The massive funding figure was largely driven by mega tech deals to companies including Uber and Snapchat.

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