Rockies Venture Club (RVC) will host its second annual Cannabis Capital Summit on June 16. And what a difference a year makes. The industry and the investors putting money into it have gotten a lot smarter.“Last year, we found most of the companies weren’t really ready for funding,” said Peter Adams, RVC’s Executive Director. “This year we’re seeing companies much more solid and investable. At the same time, investors have gotten smarter about the cannabis industry. They’re asking more sophisticated questions that they might ask about other industries, rather than just looking at the cannabis industry as a land grab free for all. Last year, they weren’t even sure what questions to ask. Now they know what to look for.”


One reason for the change, Adams said, is that investors and companies looking for funding have had a year to get to know one another through RVC and other venues.


Another reason, he said, is that “accelerators like Canopy Boulder have come on the scene to help entrepreneurs build successful, scalable companies.”


In fact, four of the seven companies making investor pitches at this year’s Cannabis Capital Summit are enrolled in Canopy Boulder’s intensive 13-week business-accelerator program.  The companies pitching at this years’ Cannabis Capital Summit are:


·         BDS Analytics, which provides point-of-sale analytics for cannabis retailers.

·         ForwardPack, which has developed a range of “sleek, user friendly, child resistant containers” that replace generic pill bottles.

·         Leaf, the first-ever Plug N’ Plant cannabis growing system.

·         ModPods, which offers “a place to foster community for the homegrow enthusiast.”

·         New West Genetics, which licenses and sells hemp varieties with desired cannabinoid profiles.

·         StashLogix, which manufactures discreet, secure storage cases for cannabis products.

·         tradiv, which uses an online B2B e-commerce platform to facilitate the sale and purchase of wholesale cannabis products between licensed businesses.


In addition to the funding pitches, leading experts in the cannabis industry will explore a variety of issues related to investing in cannabis companies and how to avoid risks while taking advantage of opportunities.


The Keynote speaker for the conference will be Tripp Keber, CEO of Dixie Elixirs, one of the largest companies currently operating in the cannabis space. Panels include “Cannabis Investing: Requirements, Risks, and Rewards”, where the panel will cover some of the unique aspects of Cannabis investing;Colorado Cannabis 2.0”, identifying the trends that investors and entrepreneurs need to know in the funding landscape; and “Cannabis Exits”, clarifying how investors can cash out of their investments down the road.


This year’s Cannabis Conference will be at the Holiday Event Center, 2644 West 32nd Avenue. Cost is $250 for the public, $195 for basic members of RVC and $150 for full members of RVC. Register online at


About Rockies Venture Club

Rockies Venture Club is the nation’s oldest Angel Investing Group, founded in 1985. RVC’s mission is to advance Economic Development by actively connecting investors with the most promising entrepreneurial companies and by offering education programs for both angel investors and entrepreneurs. Rockies Venture Club will holds more than 100 educational workshops, mastermind groups, angel forums and conferences each year.

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