Biotech & Healthcare Investing Event

February 13th, 2017 | 5-7:30PM 
Denver Metro SBDC, 1445 Market Denver, CO 80202


Meet the companies that will be at RVC’s Biotech & Healthcare Investing Event!

ClinTrialApp is the leading mobile platform between biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies, their research sites and their clinical trial patients. Today, ClinTrialApp is being utilized in nearly 1,500 clinical trials in 28 countries. The solution provides a digital/secure gateway for confidential documents/video’s, patient screening tools, contacts, online community, digital content bridge to patients and patient interface for trials.

Blast Resolve provides mobile neurological diagnostics at the speed of life. Stroke occurs in 795,000 patients/year at a cost of over $72 billion each year. Because two million neurons die every minute during stroke, time is of the essence in treatment. Blast Resolve has created and successfully tested a faster and earlier diagnostic and communication system that connects ambulances in real time to neurological and radiological experts; using the Blast Resolve system, the time to care with the right people and at the right place can be significantly reduced, resulting in reduced morbidity and mortality. The company has gained significant traction since participating in RVC HyperAccelerator and is now ready for funding for pilot commercialization, with subsequent rapid further scalability.

Health Sqyre is a health-tech company providing B2C online aggregator marketplace for durable medical equipment (“DME”) that empowers patients, sellers, and payers.

Orderly Health is the best way to answer your questions about healthcare. We help employers save money and time by directing their employees to lowest cost options for healthcare using a smart text messaging platform powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. By aggregating multiple data sources and third party services we help users become better consumers healthcare to save time and money while maximizing the value of their benefits with a platform that is engaging and easy to use.

This event is available to be watched via livestream!