According to the U.N. and the World Bank, the world population is set to reach just shy of 10 billion people by 2050. While a lot of focus has been put on the urban housing crunch that will create, as well as questions about employment in the face of growing populations and the rise of smart machines, a larger question looms: how do we feed that many people? With 795 million people reportedly not getting enough food in the world already, how do we feed 40% more people? And how do we do this while meeting our environmental goals?

A number of startups are sowing those seeds of innovation and disruption already. Aquapod is taking fish farms to a new level: they put fish farms in the ocean. Tortuga is building smarter farms for a hungrier future. Biopac’r builds machines that break down grass and all the chemicals sprayed on it, creating safe feed sources. Companies like the Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch are innovating the western diet with microlivestock: edible insects that use less land and less feed per pound than our meatier sources.

Now, the savvy investor has a unique opportunity to get ahead of the harvest, producing opportunities to reap what’s being sown. Seed companies need seed rounds, too, leading to the coming RVC AgTech Investing event.  Our keynote speaker, Paul Hoff, is the COO of Agribotix, a company enabling a technique known as precision agriculture through the use of drones. Join us for an early evening (snacks and drinks included), learning more about what opportunities exist to harvest the rewards of feeding the future. If you need more information, you can read RVC’s Ethan Harden’s industry outlook on AgTech to better understand the bunches and bushels of opportunities out in the world.

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