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Pursue your own successful investment strategy. Engage with thought leaders and experienced Angel investors. Don’t just take our word for it.  Explore these recent success stories made possible by the Angel Capital Summit (ACS) hosted by Rockies Venture Club (RVC).

P2B_featuredUSEP2Binvestor. Using technology to facilitate lending, P2Binvestor is revolutionizing the loan marketplace for small and medium sized business.  For more detail on their operations go to    Continue reading for their ACS success story.

A pitch at ACS 2012 resulted in some straight talk advice that they weren’t quite ready for investment. Returning to present at ACS 2013, P2BInvestor was triumphant in raising their seed round on a $3MM valuation.  The seed round was syndicated through RVC and other investors.  The momentum continued through 2014 and 2015 with an additional, successful round and a valuation climbing to $11.5MM.  With a growth rate exceeding Lending Club (the leader in peer-to-peer lending), no portfolio losses to date and a net average return of 12.5% APR, P2BInvestor is proving to be a competitive force in the commercial lending space.  A third round with RVC investors is anticipated to drive P2Binvestor to break-even by year end 2016 and 4x revenue by 1Q2017!

lakeshoredipLakeshore. Revolutionizes the executive recruiting industry with its peer-to-peer platform for recruiting professionals. Prioritizing service over sales is designed to deliver the best customer experience. Details on their operations can be found at  This is their ACS success story:

After a successful capital raise of $1.2MM following ACS 2013, CEO John Paller was invited as the keynote luncheon speaker at ACS 2015.  He will be returning to the stage at ACS 2016 to continue to share his success story and experience syndicating with RVC and other angel groups.  Lakeshore operates in four major market centers, has a robust network of 90 agents and an ARR of $3.3MM, as of 2015 year end.


cirrusmdCirrusMD.  Operating a mobile physician access platform, CirrusMD enables patients to access health care providers 24/7 through secure messaging and images and video chat sessions.  It also facilitates easy access to medical history.  For more insight into CirrusMD’s  operations go to:  Here’s their ACS syndication success story.


In 2014, RVC lead the seed round and investment process across the country with New York Angels and Sand Hill Angels.  Equally significant is the outside capital introduced to Colorado.  A follow-on round will enable CirrusMD to close a number of near-term deals paving the way to milestones leading to a Series A round in 2016.


PharmaJetLogo Needle-Free Injection_FINALPharmaJet.  Introducing needle free injection technology into healthcare solutions, Pharmajet has revolutionized the delivery of vaccines.  With specific patent claims and regulatory clearance, PharmaJet is pursuing the $2.5bn annual immunization injection market.  More information can be found at
Following ACS 2015,  PharmaJet raised $3.75MM on a $70MM valuation. They recently closed an additional $3MM round, with RVC investors once again.  Clearly, this demonstrates the caliber and high potential organizations that engage in the ACS events.

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