Rockies Venture Club may be enjoying it’s 26th year of existence, but when you get down to it, we are a startup just like the companies we serve. We have a lot of the same limitations as a startup – too much work, not enough staff, so much to do, so little time and resources. The answer to all those trouble is to join forces with other folks. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! To that end, we have been partnering with lots of groups in the Front Range. Here are the highlights.

Until mid August, we were virtual, popping in and out of coffee shops between the DTC and Boulder with such frequency that I personally feared caffeine overdose on a few occasions. That has all changed with our new relationship with Thrive Lodo. This place has all the comfort of a home office without that nagging feeling that you should go do some laundry or wash the dishes. Seriously though, what I find amazing about this place is that they have created sound walls. Co-working spaces often conjure up the images of echo-y warehouse spaces where you overhear everyone else’s business while attempting to get on with your own. Not this place.

Charlie and Chad Johnson, brothers and the owners here, have used their vast knowledge of architectural design to create invisible and effective ways of preventing conversations from traveling very far. Other bonuses? We can take more meetings with entrepreneurs since we aren’t running all over town anymore. We are considering the idea of open office hours, but the best way to get free consulting out of RVC is still our Entrepreneur Mastermind meeting at RAFT every month.

We’ve been pretty busy plugging into the entrepreneur-focused groups in Colorado. Who else did we talk to recently? Innovation Pavillion, Rocky Mountain Innosphere, Vail Leadership institute. But you are going to have to wait and see what comes of those relationships. We’re still working out the details!

We can share our partnership with Colorado Bioscience Association. In November we will be focusing our Nov 13th event on lifescience companies in Colorado. This is an event collaboration between the CBSA and the RVC. There are some great life-science companies out there and it’s going to be hard to choose between them. If you know a lifescience company that is raising money, please encourage them to apply to pitch.

We are creating collaborations every week and we will outline them for you under the tag “partnerships” as they develop. I hope that all companies consider partnerships. These are relationships that are often non-monetary, but are hugely valuable for both parties. Gather partners for market research, testing your product, or distributing your product. The trick is to be upfront about the expectations for both groups and to create MOUs (memorandums of understanding) free of legal jargon. Just spell it out and then be a good partner. Give, give, give!