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RVC’s Active Deals

These are deals that have gone through RVC’s Due Diligence Process and a syndicate is being formed.

Closing 10/6/17

Good Buy Gear is a new kind of online marketplace and white glove service to buy and sell used kid gear with integrated payments, pickup and delivery. Good Buy Gear saves parents time by doing all the work so they only own the right gear at the right time.

Closing 10/6/17!

P2BInvestor (P2Bi)has developed an innovative peer to peer lending program backed by commercial accounts receivable and facilitated by P2Bi’s world class technology platform.

Closing 10/6/17!

Shotzr is a mobile app and technology platform that helps social media marketers quickly source hyper local and highly relevant images, supplied by contributor photographers. They are going through a functional beta now in Android and iOS, and beginning with the Denver/Boulder market.

The Food Corridoris a marketplace connecting small food businesses with commercial kitchen spaces(Restaurants, Schools, etc.); providing easy access to a licensed commercial kitchenfor food entrepreneurs.

Nikola Power builds cutting-edge energy storage products and optimization methods based on patented algorithms that help organizations with energy grid modernization, integration of renewables, and improving the utilization of storage assets.

Vibrant’s mission is to make sexual wellness into a publicly acceptable topic, and they do so by providing body-safe adult toys to customers through their e-commerce site. Vibrant is backed by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM).

Storyvine transforms informal mobile video into sophisticated, branded video usable by the world’s largest brands. Storyvine makes powerfully compelling video content accessible.

Yonomi makes your life with connected devices easy. With one app you can now make many devices on disparate systems work together in harmony.