The Due Diligence Rally

The RVC Venture Capital Analytics (VCA) program writes 12 or more due diligence reports each year, and the reports are written by people of our community who enjoy learning about investing, helping boost the ecosystem, and giving back to peer entrepreneurs. These reports help angels make informed investment decisions while providing data and insights to candidates seeking funding. Due diligence reports help everyone work smarter, and this makes our Colorado startup ecosystem stronger.

Recently, the VCA program proposed a new concept called the Due Diligence Rally. The Rally is designed to deliver high quality reports in an efficient time frame. Currently the reports take 21 or more days to produce on average. Reducing the cycle time will increase investor engagement, improve funding metrics, and decrease the amount of time a company has to spend waiting for investors to make an informed decision. We believe we can reduce the elapsed time to 7 days while maintaining the same quality and work time allotted.


The RVC Due Diligence Rally will reduces time; without sacrificing quality; by changing how our community collaborates. Specifics include:

  • The Rally consists of a “hackathon” style gathering where community volunteers meet to perform due diligence work over the course of one day
  • All materials are prepared in advance enabling the community volunteers to focus on learning, concentrated research, and report writing
  • Support resources (e.g., team leads, company representatives, subject matter experts, etc) are available during the event to help as needed
  • At the end of the Rally the community gaters to discuss final results
  • At the end of the day we will celebrate our community volunteers, our shared success and the growth of the Colorado startup community


  • Startups: Faster funding decisions and greater diversity of support
  • Community Members: Personal growth, applied learning, networking, giving back, fun and beer
  • Investors: Reduced decision time and higher investor engagement
  • Partners: New prospects, brand promotion, media exposure and more
  • Colorado: Recognition as a leading catalyst to entrepreneurship engagement

Please direct all questions and media inquiries to the VCA Program Director, Jacob Cordova at (720)515-7020 or via email

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