Investment Method: Stout Street prides itself on investing intelligently. Our investments are driven by extensive data analysis, market analysis, and due diligence. We invest in early-stage technology companies innovating in the software, fin tech, advanced materials, robotics, and artificial intelligence. We invest in under-served markets, especially in the middle of the country with an emphasis on the Rocky Mountain area.

Investment Portfolio: Stout Street Capital is an seed-stage fund that seeks to invest in early-stage companies focused on improving efficiency and generating bottom-line value in large established sectors in the market. Stout Street’s Value Fund-II is currently focused on  post-revenue, seed-to-series-A investments in companies valued at less than $10 million. Stout Street’s Value Fund-I has invested in 36 companies by the end of 2018 and Stout Street Value Fund-II is projected to invest in 50 companies with an average initial investment of 100k by 2020. We usually reserve 500k-$1M in follow on investment for our portfolio companies.