Gali Baler

Gali Baler

VCA Assistant Director

As COO of Sintact Medical Systems, Inc., Gali supports the development of non-resorbable medical application films designed to separate adjacent organs from adhering to each other after surgery, acting as scar preventative barriers separating organ and tissue surfaces to significantly reduce the likelihood of scar formation and the associated post-operative complications.

Prior to Sintact he was a Medical Device Innovation Fellow at Northwestern University within the Center for Device Development, an interdisciplinary initiative aimed to accelerate medical device innovation and commercialization in the evolving healthcare landscape, and to translate unmet needs into market-aligned, customer-centric products.

Gali is also a former President and Advisory Board Member InNUvation (now known as EPIC): Northwestern University’s largest and only interdisciplinary entrepreneurship and innovation club.

As a research engineer he developed functional protein hydrogels by characterizing a novel self-assembling mechanism for gel formation rooted in the complexity of protein structure and interactions. Gali holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University and a Certificate of Management for Scientists and Engineers from the Kellogg School of Management.