Emily Klein is the Programs Manager for Rockies Venture Club, managing the group’s events, marketing, communications, and investor membership. She is also an Associate with the Pandemic Impact Fund, an innovative venture fund investing in companies focused on current and future pandemic preparation, response, and resilience, and is involved with the Women’s Investor Network. In her current role, Emily is most passionate about providing financial and educational resources to helping startups scale their impact, and sees early-stage investment as the most important catalyst for promoting more sustainable, diverse, and creative companies.

Prior to her work with Rockies Venture Club, she worked in the outdoor industry managing travel planning for international cycling tours. She then completed her MBA with a focus on sustainability + impact investing in Burlington, Vermont in 2019 where she worked on a number of sustainable investing projects creating impact strategies in public and private markets. She also founded the school’s Women in Business group to promote women in sustainability leadership.

Emily is a graduate of Brown University and UVM Grossman School of Business. Outside of work, you can find her mentoring young entrepreneurs, designing jewelry, and playing in the Colorado mountains.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emily-klein-co/