Believable Financial Projections Workshop

Proformas can be tricky – showing your financial strategy as you scale your company is very hard to do and it can make or break a company. This workshop will walk through essential topics, such as:

  • “Beginning With the End in Mind.” How will your exit strategy influence what your company is doing now.
  • Scaling Strategies- How will different aspects of your business grow as you scale up to achieve world domination?
  • Competition- Your closest competitors can be the best guides and show you where the market is going.
  • Validated Assumptions- How can you use a very small amount of resources to prove that your hypotheses hold water.
  • How to use Tabs to break out the detail, while rolling up to a consolidated statement.
  • Identifying your Assumptions – allow investors to modify the numbers to come up with their own “what if” scenarios.This is a highly interactive workshop so participants are encouraged to bring their own proformas so that ask specific questions along the way.