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Our Investment Focus

RVC is looking for great companies with venture class returns to investors. This typically means that the company is capable of returning 10x over a five year period. Our interest level is horizontal - meaning that we look at deals in all areas including tech, software, life sciences, mobile, communications, medical, consumer goods, and more. We have many members with expertise in a wide variety of industries. RVC prefers companies with operations in the state of Colorado.
RVC investors look for opportunities that meet the following criteria:

Exit Potential

Opportunity has potential to reach an Exit (a liquidity event for their investors; not a Founder's exit of the business) within 5 years. Companies ideally have an initial Exit Strategy that they view as a roadmap for their business. If companies do not yet have a strategy in place, RVC will help them to develop one, but the group looks for companies that are aligned in their intention to scale and Exit within 5 year timeframe.

Quality Team

Founders that have a clear passion for the problem they are solving and are aligned with venute capital strategy. Experienced teams that have been Venture-backed previously and/or have Exit experience are weighed positively, but RVC also frequently backs unique, first time founders. RVC's portfolio to date (over 100 investments) is made up of an almost even split of first-time and experienced founders. Teams with Advisory Boards or BODs lined up are also positives.


RVC likes founders that are strategic thinkers. Strong strategy in place for Marketing/Go-to-Market plan, Financials, Competitive Differentiation, Capital Plan, and Exit.

Deal Terms & Capital Plan

Ask and Deal Terms fall in line with standard preferences of RVC and ACA Angel Groups. The group has a preference for preferred equity rounds, but will consider convertible notes when used appropriately.
RVC also invests in environmental and social impact companies. We look for companies that can make a difference while also running as a for-profit model that can return 10x over five years. Our deals are primarily equity based, but convertible debt, revenue sharing and other concepts will be considered on a case by case basis. RVC syndicates actively with other groups, with VCs and individuals in order to get deals done. This results in a slightly higher than average deal size of about $625,000 per deal. RVC companies have been funded with $45 million+ in the last two years.

INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.  Your complete application will include financials, a pitch deck and complete answers to the profile questions. Thank you.

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