The number of angel investors investing in early and mid-stage companies in the U.S. has increased significantly in recent years. So what does it take to raise angel funding today? Peter discusses how entrepreneurs should prepare for this kind of fundraising, what they should expect when a deal goes through, and how to manage ongoing relationships with investors. He also touches on the differences between friends and family money, angel investors, and venture capital funding.

Webinar with Peter Adams of Rockies Venture Club, recorded Friday, March 27, 2015


Peter is an expert in raising equity and working with angel investors and is also the author of Venture Capital for Dummies. If you or someone you know is preparing to raise funds from angel investors or if you just need a refresher, you won’t want to skip this. Don’t forget, there’s a great Q&A at the end.

Facilitated by P2Bi CEO and successful fundraiser Krista Morgan.


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