RVC Programs Manager (Full Time):

The Programs Manager at Rockies Venture Club (RVC) is responsible for organizing and marketing over one hundred annual events (including classes, workshops, angel meetings, masterminds, conferences and monthly events).

This position requires a high attention to detail and ability to work independently.  Exceptional time management and project management skills are required to manage multiple, overlapping projects. Skills include general technology, page layout (Microsoft Publisher), Web site design (WordPress), Word, Powerpoint, Google Apps and ability to learn administrative apps such as Wild Apricot (RVC’s CRM and event management software), Authorize.net, and other SaaS functions.

This is a professional, full time position and requires occasional evenings and weekend participation for events.

Benefits include a great working environment, competitive non-profit salary, and unlimited vacation/sick time.  Rockies Venture Club does not currently offer health insurance as a benefit.

Interested? Email the following to RVC’s Director of Operations, Dave Harris, at dave@rockiesventureclub.org:
  1. Résumé
  2. List of References
  3. Couple paragraphs answering:
    • Why do you want to work with RVC?
    • What is your unique value proposition that you’ll bring to the team?
    • What’s something you recently geeked out about?

If you are interested in getting engaged with RVC beyond what is offered, we have a large number of engaging volunteer positions open.

Venture Capital Analytics Internship:

The RVC is offering Venture Capital Analytics Internship positions as an opportunity to expose entrepreneurs, investors, subject matter experts, and highly motivated individuals interested in the startup ecosystem to Venture Capital and Angel Investor due diligence fundamentals. Over the course of executing the VCA program we have evaluated thousands of startups, performed strategic due diligence on the highest potential ventures, and generated tangible work products resulting in meaningful and intelligently selected investments. The Intern Analyst role is being offered to share our knowledge with the community in an organized way.

If selected you will join a cohort of a handful of Intern Analysts where you will observe and support a diverse group of Sr. Analysts with finance, engineering, science, law, MBA, business and management backgrounds. Activities will include evaluating potential investments; researching and analyzing business plans and financial profomas; researching and quantifying markets and competitive landscapes; and developing processes to increase the readiness and preparedness of high potential companies.

Intern Analysts will be exposed to organized events, seminars, educational training sessions, and summits the RVC uses to connect entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, and legislative and governmental representatives. Intern Analysts will learn the due diligence process, startup management best practices, and investment strategies, among other Venture Capital and Angel Investment skills. Rockies Venture Club is a non-profit organization and this internship is an unpaid position.  Acceptance into the program is very competitive and the experience is demanding but highly rewarding.

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Interested? Please email apply@rockiesventureclub.org

If you are interested in getting engaged with RVC beyond what is offered, we have a large number of engaging volunteer positions open.