Angel Investors

High Quality Deal Flow

RVC screens over 1000 applications per year from both in and out the the state of Colorado.

Wisdom of Crowds

The club holds 30 investor forums annually across Colorado where both experienced and inexperienced investors can share wisdom and expertise.

Angel Tailored Education

The club has developed educational programs such as the Angel Accelerator that are specifically targeted at current and prospective investors to help them develop successful investment strategies.

Professional Due Diligence

RVC has a group of industry professionals that produce Due Diligence Reports that are used to syndicate with other Angel Groups across the country and inform your own due diligence process.

Active AND Remote Angels Welcome

Some angels love meeting startups, doing diligence and engaging in the process.  Others love the deal flow and angel investing as an asset class, but don’t have the time to attend meetings.  RVC has a place for BOTH types of angels!

Interested in becoming an RVC Investor?

Please reach out to RVC’s Kevin Kudra to get a complimentary pass to the next Investor Forum.

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