With 2019 in full swing, we at Rockies Venture Club want to, first and foremost, wish everyone a happy new year. With everyone back from the snow and the holidays, we thought we would start the year off strong.

Blockchain had a red hot year in 2019. For many, the technology is synonymous with cryptocurrencies after 2018’s tumultuous Bitcoin rollercoaster. As a result, blockchain is nothing but buzzword nonsense to a lot of folks.

Built as a technology to make things trustworthy, blockchain makes things ‘immutable‘. As such, blockchain is here to stay.

The top of the list? Voting, healthcare, and financial services, along with supply chain management, are all in the running to receive top impact from a technology designed to make trust easier.

Other industries that might see major shake ups land all across the board. For example, utilities may be able to switch out smart meters for sensors that utilize IoT and blockchain technologies.

Ohio decided that it would adopt the future with its major cities adopting major blockchain policy. McKinsey forecasted the impact by industry of blockchain (which investors may want to check out here to know when blockchain is an important part of an investment, or just a buzzword).

Read Ethan Harden’s outlook here to get the full picture.

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