Some people think only the mega-corporations like Exxon and BP are leading the way in oil and gas investment, but Angel Investors are having an impact as well.  In Colorado oil wells can be drilled for $1.5 million – about the same amount as a typical Angel Investment Deal.  Angels are profiting from these investments – even after the recent cuts in oil prices.

RVC oil and gas investing

It’s not just exploration that holds promise for angels – there are new opportunities for SaaS applications that can make oil and gas companies operate more efficiently, saving companies millions and spawning new companies providing software services to companies that are looking to cut costs in what ever ways they can.  Angel investors are familiar with how SaaS applications have disrupted other industries ranging from finance to taxis and hotel rooms and now there are great opportunities for startups to make an impact in the oil and gas industry.

Rockies Venture Club is hosting its first Oil and Gas investing event, Tuesday July 14th 5:00-7:30 at the Denver Chamber/SBDC 1445 Market Street 4th Floor Denver, CO 80202

The event will present pitches from oil and gas startups and an all-star panel of industry experts ranging from venture capital to the most influential organizations in the oil and gas business.

Oil and Gas Panel Featuring:

To learn more about oil and gas opportunities and more about the event, please visit our registration site at:

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