Maybe you’ve been thinking of registering for this year’s Cannabis Capital Summit and wanted some reasons to say “yes”.  Well, here’s what you’ve been waiting for!

Ten Reasons to Attend the Cannabis Capital Summit 2.0

1)      It’s the perfect mix of everything – fun, education, entertainment, connections, venture investment and an opportunity to watch a new industry unfold and take shape while you watch.

2)      We’re connecting all the dots.  Cannabis in Colorado is in its second year.  We’re spotting the trends and highlighting where the industry has been and where it’s going.

3)      Quality Companies.  Let’s face it – most companies pitching in the cannabis industry are not investable. RVC has built community and relationships over the past year and we’ve got a line-up of investable companies that will blow you away.

4)      Cannabis connections.  With investors and industry leaders all in one place, this is the place to meet and connect with the top influencers in the industry.

5)      Sponsorship opportunities – sponsors at RVC’’s Cannabis Capital Summit gain exposure to investors, business owners and industry leaders.  This is the chance to make a big impression and to build the contacts that lead to profitable business.

6)      Fund seekers – even if you missed the opportunity to get up on the stage, there are plenty of networking opportunities to get in front of investors and potential business partners.  Attend the conference, network, get exposure with a low-cost sponsor table (Starting at just $1500)

7)      Investors learn about top things to look for in cannabis investments.  What are the big opportunities and what are the risks you may not have thought about? 

8)      Curious community members can attend and learn about the industry.  Our lunchtime update session will provide you with the answers to some of the questions you’ve been asking yourself about cannabis.

9)      Venturetainment abounds at the Cannabis Capital Summit.  This is way more fun than Shark Tank – we’ll have innovators taking unique approaches to challenges in the industry.  You’ll see creative thinking, cool solutions and the companies that will become tomorrow’s well known brands.

10)   Real Investment Opportunities – RVC’s process-driven investment program let’s investors share ideas, identify risks and opportunities as a group, ask questions and negotiate the best deals.  Statistics show that there’s safety in numbers for angel investors and RVC takes advantage of that to provide the best deals and angel investment opportunities for beginners and experienced investors alike.

Learn more about the Summit by visiting the Cannabis Capital Summit Site.


Ready to sign up for the conference?

Accredited Investors – join us for the Free Investor Forum 8-10:00 AM on June 17th.

This is where we discuss the pitches and see which companies will move along to Deep Dives and Due Diligence.

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