Ever since high school we all wanted to be where the cool kids are. Right? Ok, maybe not you hipsters, but follow me anyway.

If you are a clean tech company, inventor, or human idea generator, you now have an invitation to hang with the cool kids. The CleanLaunch Technology Incubator at NREL is offering their space for free. They’ll give you conference rooms, a place to put your laptop (desk) and your rump (chair), internet access, parking, and enough coffee to fuel your ideas. They even have a color printer and if you don’t abuse your limits I bet they won’t charge you much for that either.

Still unsure, you can Tweetstalk CleanLaunch for a while.

Of course they can’t just open the doors to anyone. You really have to be working on clean tech stuff. There’s always fine print, isn’t there? Sorry, dirty tech people. This isn’t for you.

The fine print:

To qualify for the free coworking space at CleanLaunch, the business or entrepreneur must be developing, implementing, or operating an initiative that is addressing energy, environmental, and resource constraints. Examples include enabling technologies, software, and unique business models that are applied to energy, materials, water, food and agriculture, transportation, sustainable living, and resource efficiency.

For more information see the CleanLaunch website.

Who are these cool kids anyway? Colorado cleantech economic development stakeholders including NREL, CCIA, EEBC, Calstart, CAMA, Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory, and CleanLaunch

Rob Writz is the Director of New Ventures at CleanLaunch. He was recently highlighted in an interview here.

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