Digital Health Care is one of the most promising opportunities for investors at all levels from angels to venture capital, private equity and public markets.  It’s growing fast and represents opportunity created by disruption in the health care market.  The savings digital health companies can bring to health care are significant, and the opportunities reflect the new efficiencies.

Digital healthcare as an investment is one of the most confusing and trickiest investments we’ve seen.  It’s a relatively new class which has a small number of comparable exits for investors to use for valuations, and where there are many companies vying for leadership with unproven yet promising innovation.

The CCC is designed to help digital health care companies and their investors better navigate these uncertainties and opportunities.  We have local and national industry leaders who can help to clarify the trends and the direction of healthcare payers, providers, patients and customers.  We’re focusing on three big topics which we believe provide direction that will help in making future investment decisions.

Join us and meet Colorado’s angel investors, digital health entrepreneurs and national/local experts to network, learn, and invest.


REGISTER HERE for CCC 2014 Plugging in to Digital Health Care

Colorado Capital Conference Plugging in to Digital Health Care

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