You may be asking yourself whether we’re in a tech bubble.

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The Imitation Game – the movie of the great Alan Turing – inventor of modern computer systems focused on both the concept of codes and machines. Codes are the ways we as humans do things such as talking, managing and communicating. Machines are tools such as printing presses, computers and algorithms (rules of thumbs), the way non-human devices perform tasks.

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RVC’s Inside Venture Capital!

Tuesday 4/14/15, 5:007:30
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce 
1445 Market St.
Denver, CO. 80202. 5th Floor

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Abstract: This paper was inspired by a blog post by Brad Feld of the Foundry Group, a venture-capital firm in Boulder. I don’t know Brad but the idea of thought-leadership hits home to my own views of the “compelling argument” which I used in teaching a graduate class at the University of Colorado for nearly a decade. Read more

If I could have any job in the world, it would be to be a full time angel investor.  Angels get to meet super-smart people with cutting edge ideas, they work with other angels who have deep sector expertise and ask great questions, they are intellectually stimulated in evaluating and negotiating deals and they can make a lot of money. Read more

This updated presentation was inspired by Peter Adams when I mentioned a quote from a colleague who said “if you are boring face-to-face, you will still be boring via video conference.  Peter added, “twice as boring!”  If I may also add, I have sat in on too many presentations lately that were as Peter suggest twice as boring.

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Gamification is all the rage these days. In order to distill this down to something simple was the task at hand. Here are the briefly highlights after reviewing more than 100 documents, articles and reports.

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RVC seeks short articles for the RVC blog exploring the “50 shades of green” ways companies are started, get funding, grow, exist and exit.

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