Once you’ve joined RVC as an investor member, here are 6 ways to get engaged and contribute to enhancing the quality of the group and the broader startup community:

1: Help Identify Potential Deals

RVC’s 200+ investor members come across tons of a great startups. RVC encourages members to refer companies that are seeking funding to apply via the
RVC Gust application platform.

. From there, the RVC screening committees review the applications and help to select the companies that’ll pitch at upcoming investor forums and monthly pitch events.

4: Refer New Members

Angel groups are strenghtened by a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds. RVC encourages investor members to consider friends, relatives, or colleagues that may be interested in joining and contributing their expertise to the group. RVC also provides a referral benefit for both the existing member and the new member once they sign-up.

Contact RVC’s Director of Operations, Dave Harris to learn more.

5: Mentor a New Angel

When new members join RVC, an experienced Angel investor member can be made available to help share some insights and guidance on best ways to get started. New and experienced members can then share a Zoom call to get to know one another.

For investor members that have been with the group for 6 months or longer, you can sign-up to be an Angel Mentor by contacting RVC’s Director of Operations, Dave Harris.

6: Join a Due Diligence Team and/or Lead a Deal

RVC members get exposed to hundreds of deal each year, with roughly 75 making it to the point of presenting to the group. From there, a sub-set of that group is selected to move into the group due diligence process. RVC investor members can participate in due diligence teams working with one another and RVC leadership to evaluate a deal in depth.

Lead or Co-Lead Investors also play a critical role in due diligence and pushing a deal forward in the process. Investor members can nominate themselves as a Lead and then work closely with the due diligence team and the entrepreneurs to help get a deal completed. Learn more about this process at one of the RVC Angel Accelerators, taking place monthly.

Note: Rockies Venture Club, its members, managers or lead investors do not provide investment advice, nor do they endorse any particular investment. Each investor conducts his or her own due diligence and makes their own independent decision to invest.


Feel free to reach out to Director of Operations, Dave Harris dave@rockiesventureclub.org