How To Make Your First Investment With RVC

2: Become an RVC Member

Members receive access to RVC’s Deal Rooms and see significant discounts off of all of the events that the club holds.

4: Review Incoming Deals on the Gust Platform

Gust is where entrepreneurs submit their companies for review, and is where the RVC screening committee finds companies to pitch at upcoming event.

5: Review the Deal-In-Play Page

From the Deal Page you can access the companies that have gone through the Due Diligence process review deal documentation and are currently undergoing syndication within RVC.

6: You’re ready to invest

Once you have preformed your own due diligence you can fill out the operating agreement and mail or wire funds.

Note: Rockies Venture Club, its members, managers or lead investors do not provide investment advice, nor do they endorse any particular investment. Each investor conducts his or her own due diligence and makes their own independent decision to invest.


Feel free to reach out to Operations Director, Dave Harris